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Age of Ascent

Studio: Solo Project

Release Date: Released


VR Wipeout is a first-person virtual reality assault course game focused on competing in various courses to achieve high scores while avoiding multiple obstacles! Whether dodging humongous wrecking balls or evading deadly cannons, players are in for a thrilling experience with VR Wipeout!

In VR Wipeout, there are four unique levels that capture the assault course experience in virtual reality. Hill Dash, Mega-Sweep, The Balancer, and The Impersonator all offer a diverse variety of obstacles to overcome, providing a true assault course experience. Additionally, VR Wipeout features more courses; the tutorial level guides users on how to play, and the multiplayer level allows you to challenge your friends on the course!

My Responbilitys

During my final year at the University of Plymouth, I dedicated myself to developing a virtual reality experience for my dissertation. This project aimed to not only expand my skills in Unity development but also explore the applications and limitations of virtual reality technology. The project, later known as VR Wipeout, included an essay detailing the entire process—from testing and development to evaluation. I hosted testing sessions, regularly collecting user feedback and evaluating the data to enhance the overall game experience. My involvement spanned various aspects of the project, including networking, environments, and the game development process. The project received first-class honors and is now showcased to other students.


  • Unity3D

  • Game Mechanics

  • Game Art

  • Game Development

  • Game Design

  • User Testing

  • C#

  • Essay Writing

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Networking

  • Rapid Prototyping 

  • User Experience (UX)

  • User Interface Design

  • Github 

  • Blender 

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Agile Project Management

  • Presentation Skills

  • Public Speaking

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