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Discover the world of Innovia as you meet a diverse cast of characters, collect bots that populate the world around you, and immerse yourself in the game’s unique setting. Send your bots on specialized tasks to earn rewards and unlock new companions that are stronger, quicker, and smarter. Mobi makes learning about your smartphone a fun and engaging experience. Feel confident as you progress through curated lessons designed to help you master your device and its many features.

Mobi includes features such as building up a diverse collection of over 100 bot combinations and customizing them with chromas, repairing bot parts with careful timing and precision to earn bonus rewards. The people of Innovia need your help! Send your bots to assist them and earn rewards. Access a wide variety of bite-sized courses filled with engaging learning activities, purchase items to aid in your quests like Encryptions, Task Boosts, Innovian Credits, and exciting new bundles.

My Responbilitys

In April 2022, I joined Intractable as a Unity developer, assiting in the release of Mobi and future updates including in-game shop system, I worked on the project for six months before continuing onto their next project, digital fitness. my main areas of focus in the company were developing and refining the user experience, UI design. designing loot tables, developing and refining the user experience and implementing player rewards.


  • Unity2D

  • Game Mechanics

  • Game Development

  • Game Design

  • C#

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)​

  • Rapid Prototyping 

  • User Experience (UX)

  • User Interface Design

  • Github 

  • Agile Project Management

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