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Digital Fitness

Release Date: Released



Embark on your digital learning journey with the Digital Fitness app! Acquire smartphone skills through quick, bite-sized learning sessions and comic book stories featuring fun characters like Simm and Grace. Discover how to transfer files between smartphones via local wireless connections using Bluetooth/WiFi, utilizing the built-in File Transfer utility.

Your daily learning routine includes short exercises that take just one minute to complete, allowing you to engage in daily learning at your convenience. Your guide, Simm, will assist you in navigating the world of digital technology, ensuring you make the most of your smartphone experience! Experience interactive lessons that demonstrate how to use your smartphone and gain knowledge in digital technology.

My Responbilitys

In September 2022, I began a new project at Intractable called Digital Fitness. Assisting the Android team, I worked on developing a Unity plugin to be used in lesson mini-games and a prototype mode called Garden View. This mode was utilized to showcase rewards in an isometric tilemap, similar to Clash of Clans. My main areas of focus in the company were developing and refining the user experience, as well as creating a Unity plugin to support learning sessions.


  • Unity2D

  • Game Mechanics

  • Game Development

  • Game Design

  • C#

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)​

  • Rapid Prototyping 

  • User Experience (UX)

  • User Interface Design

  • Github 

  • Teaching Methods

  • Unity Tilemap

  • Android Development

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