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C++ Shader Tool

Studio: Solo Project

Release Date: Released


The Shader Developer Tool is a program developed in OpenGL using the C++ language to showcase various shaders, providing in-depth explanations for each shader used in the program. This tool utilizes the ImGUI library, developed by Ocornut, to enable user interaction and program navigation. Users have the ability to dynamically change the skybox, the displayed mesh, and the active shader at runtime. Each included shader comes with a brief description, explaining how it is created and displayed within the program.

My Responbilitys

During my final year at the University of Plymouth, I worked on developing a C++ Shader tool for one of my university submissions. This project not only enhanced my skills in C++ programming but also deepened my understanding of how various shaders can be utilized. The program was developed in tandem with the module, allowing for weekly exploration of implementing new shaders. The project was awarded a grade of 2:1.


  • C++

  • Shader Implementation

  • ImGUI

  • Visual Studio

  • User Experience (UX)

  • Public Speaking

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